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Taxi / Transportation From Airport : Super Shuttle

Posted January 05, 2012 at 14:20
  • Recommendation by: Ari Sudradjat (Ranking: Noble | Credibility Level: (?))

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      super shuttle is like a taxi, which means it can drive you to anywhere in town from airport. the different is, you share the car with other passenger. this way we can pay cheaper than taxi. i was affraid to take this van at the first time because i have to share the car with strangers, but after i see the other passenger, which all women, the i have the courage to take it. i took supper shuttle several times and i'm satisfied with their service.

      you can take super shuttle outside the airport. it come around every 15 minutes and even if you're alone, supershuttle still drive you to your place. it usually cost me $16 from airport to hotel.

      Location: outside airport or you can reserve at United States

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